Smart Water Management

Itron Advanced Water Solution

Itron Deliver the Right Meters to Measure Every Last Drop.

Serving residential and C&I markets, itron utilize their deep expertise in the water industry to hand pick metering devices with high metrological performance and proven robustness and durability.

Leveraging various technologies from mechanical principles to solid state measurement, Itron provide a choice of flexible water solutions for those seeking endurance and reliability.

ZH Technologies International is the authorized and trusted Partner of Itron Advance Water Solutions, providing customers with the most cutting-edge technology to optimize their water resources.

Single-Jet Turbine Type Water Meter

Piston Type Water Meter


Rotary Piston Volumetric Type Water Meter DN15-20 Q3 2.5m3/h

Other Type Water Meter

Horizontal Woltman Type Water Meter

Communication Modules

Electronic Pulse Output Emitter

M-Bus Module for Remote Water Meter Reading

Multi-connectivity RF Module for fast AMR (drive-by) and AMI reading (IoT LoRaWAN / Sigfox / OMSv4)

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