Smart Water Management

Smart Water Management

Empowering Water Sustainability

ZH Technologies International is transforming water sustainability with its innovative suite of smart water solutions. By leveraging real-time data, cities and urban areas can make informed decisions about water allocation, unlocking equitable and sustainable water management strategies for the future. Each solution leverages valuable data to create smart cities, smart buildings, and smart industrial parks, empowering communities to manage their water resources responsibly and efficiently. Learn more below: 

ITRON Advanced Water Solutions

Discover how ZH Technologies International and Itron join forces to provide the most advanced solutions for your smart water management requirements, drawing on Itron’s decades of experience delivering secure, cutting-edge solutions for utilities and cities in over 100 countries.

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Metrix Meter Interface Unit

We understand the unique complexities of the Water Metering environment, and that no single solution can adequately meet the needs of the water industry. That’s why we developed the most robust, resilient and versatile IoT enabled Water Meter Interface on the market. See for yourself how We Made Smart Water Metering Simple.

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We understand that every sustainability journey starts with data. ZH Technology International engineered ZHTI MDAS, a comprehensive software suite designed to address all aspects of water supply management. This suite of tools provides real-time data acquisition, leakage detection, and abnormal usage detection, as well as digital modelling and real-time processing of multi-source data. ZHTI MDAS is specially tailored to support water meter and supply network management of all sizes. Find out how We Made Smart Water Management Simple.

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Customized Water Metering Solutions

We understand that each industry segment has its own unique requirements. That’s why we offer tailored solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of each industry. Discover how we can create customized solutions for various industry segments.

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We Made Smart Water Management Simple.

At ZH Technologies international, we make smart water management simple. We take away the complexity of managing water resources by providing cities, estates, and buildings with the precious data they need to identify areas of water stress, accurately detect leaks, measure water usage, and develop policies and strategies for efficient and sustainable water management. We help cities reduce their non-revenue water, promote conservation, and improve water quality. This helps them make better use of their existing water infrastructure and develop sustainability plans. With us, cities can become smarter, more sustainable, and better prepared for the future.

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