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We Made Smart Metering Simple for Built-Up Environment

Fully Customized Water Monitoring Solutions

At ZH Technologies International, we provide a cost-effective and efficient customised water metering solutions tailored to the specific needs of the built environment. Our full wired or hybrid setup offers data-to-cloud, on-premises BMS or EMS/CMMS, and ZHTI MDAS integration. Our priority is to ensure secure and reliable delivery of water data, adding value to building water operations.

Wireless (LoRa MIU & Concentrator)

Using LoRa concentrator linked up to a maximum of 100 MIUs mounted on Itron water meters with clear Light of Sight (LOS), this solution does not require any recurring charges. The concentrator will be located at the nearest FCC room and wired up via RS485 or RS232 directly connected into the computer which is inside the control room.

Metrix™ Meter Interface Unit (MIU)

ZHTI’s latest innovation, the modular-designed Meter Interface Unit (MIU) with in-built patented pulse sensor, is able to fit on most inductive pulse-enabled water meters. The MIU can be latched onto existing water meters doing away with the need for a water meter replacement. It has the ability to collect and transmit accurate meter readings to the softwares, providing our clients with unprecedented real-time data transmission to the back-end devices.

Wired (MBus Sensor & Converter)

Using mbus cyble sensor mounted on water meter and connect to a mbus to modbus converter through wire. And the converter could direct connect to BMS system and send real-time modbus protocol data.

The Cyble M-Bus facilitates the integration of Itron water meters into a M-Bus network. This module offers advanced reading functionality that enables the utilities to offer additional services to their customer.

Our MBUS modules offer an easy-to-handle and cost effective solution to collect data from MBUS devices (water meters, heat meters, current meters, gas meters). Due to the open MODBUS standard that is used to read the data a broad range of applications is given in the fields of building management, building management systems and in industrial automation.

The meters from which data should be read are configured via PC software. The modules can be configured for communication with RS232 or RS485. Our module now periodically sends queries to the MBUS devices connected and stores the data internally in MODBUS holding register. A higher-ranking host system (PC, PLC, special hardware) can read the stored values via MODBUS RTU master protocol.

Key Features

Wired (Pulse)

These Itron Cyble Pulse Sensors are available in four models. They have been developed with remote water meter reading and widely used for all water management utilities. Itron Cyble Pulse Sensors allow for reliable, remote pulse counting

Itron Cyble Pulse Sensors can be used for countless residential, commercial and industrial applications. They feature low-frequency output for remote reading and consumption recording. However, if you require flow analyses, frequency or current conversion and automatic control, there is a high output feature. Itron Cyble Pulse Sensors are compatible with all Itron water meters so long as they feature the Cyble target.

Key Features

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We Made Smart Water Management Simple.

At ZH Technologies international, we make smart water management simple. We take away the complexity of managing water resources by providing cities, estates, and buildings with the precious data they need to identify areas of water stress, accurately detect leaks, measure water usage, and develop policies and strategies for efficient and sustainable water management. We help cities reduce their non-revenue water, promote conservation, and improve water quality. This helps them make better use of their existing water infrastructure and develop sustainability plans. With us, cities can become smarter, more sustainable, and better prepared for the future.

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