Smart Water Management


Axioma Metering develops and manufactures Ultrasonic Heat and Water Metering, data management devices. Axioma Metering is the leading founders and leaders of ultrasonic technology in the Baltic states. ZH Technologies International partner with Axioma on the same driving belief – Where Innovation Becomes Affordable.

Ultrasonic Smart Meters

QALCOSONIC W1 is designed for accurate measurement of cold and hot water consumption in households, apartment buildings, and small commercial premises.

Available choice of communication modules:

QALCOSONIC E3 is a cost-effective smart ultrasonic heating and cooling meter designed for commercial metering of consumed energy where water is the heat carrier, such as residential buildings, enterprises, commercial premises, or heat supply facilities.

Wide choice of communication modules: M-BUS, WMBus 868/433 MHz S1, C1, T1 OMS, LoRaWAN, MODBus and Bacnet RS485

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