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Smart Nation

December 27, 2022

Singapore has been focusing on the development of Artificial Intelligence as it pursues its transformation into a Smart Nation. By actively pursuing its transformation into a Smart Nation, Singapore can drive further development in key sectors such as its economy and utilities. With the unveiling of the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy, it marks a key milestone in Singapore’s economy as it transit to achieve greater growth. Singapore’s push towards a Smart Nation can be expedited by utilising the potentials of the 4th Industrial Revolution.   

Systems such as the Internet of Things (IoT) can be employed while the data harvested can be used to improve the quality of public services and infrastructure.  In fact, the benefits of such systems had already been proven. Denmark has been an early adopter of such systems in its utility network, and it has allowed for more efficient management and operations. Not only did operators and the utilities benefit, the end-users too managed to identify their consumption patterns, giving them insights on how to reduce unnecessary consumptions. Singapore, too, can greatly benefit from smart technologies and big data, especially in terms of ensuring that valuable resources like water are not wasted or compromised.    

ZHTI specialises in smart metering solutions, offering a suite of products and services that can help both utilities and corporates evolve into Smart utilities and business, in line with the government’s aim to transform Singapore into a Smart Nation of the future.