Building Management System

Here at ZHTI, we offer you a wide range of customised BMS solution, tailored to your needs.

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Wired (Pulse)

Itron Cyble Pulse Sensors allow for reliable remote pulse counting and can be used for countless residential,  commercial and Industrial Applications

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Wired (MBus & RESI)

The Cyble M- Bus Facilitates the intergThe Cyble M-Bus facilitates the integration of Itron water meters into a M-Bus network. This module offers advanced reading functionality that enables the utilities to offer additional services to their customer.

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Wireless (MIU LTE/NBIoT)

3G/4G/NB-IoT SIM card inserted into our new Meter Interface Unit (MIU) facilitated by any of the telecom provider. This data transmission going through either client’s cloud or ZHTI cloud or any of the commercial cloud provider to upload data back into the clients’ database/BMS.

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Wireless (LoRa MIU & Concentrator)

The LoRa Concentrator can be linked up to a maximum of 100 MIUs mounted on existing water meters. Repeaters or signal boosters may be needed depending on the distance between the LoRa Concentrator and MIUs.

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